Signature Mornings: ITC WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi (Saket)

Healthy breakfast is part of Responsible Luxury ethos

multi grain dosaWords: Ambica Gulati

There’s a lot which can be said about breakfast. And there’s a lot which can be said about low cal food, super foods, lost foods. But at ITC WelcomHotel Sheraton, there’s less said and more eaten every morning. Signature Mornings, they call it. For breakfast here is not a meal you stuff down, but enjoy as you would enjoy your drinks and dinner.

Besides the usual juices, breads et al that you find in hotels, this hotel offers a sumptuous range of super food dishes for breakfast. So it combines all the lost, super and low cal foods to offer a delectable mix of pancakes, dosas, eggs, juices and breads.

Besides it has a live kitchen and fresh juice counter, where you can choose your healthy meal before you rush out for work.

Over bites of multi-grain dosa, buckwheat and amarantha pancakes, we chatted Buck wheat and amarantha pancakewith Executive Chef Rajdeep Kapoor and Anchal Ghosh, PR Manager – Golden Triangle, on super foods and lost foods. The crux that came out over this power-packed breakfast was India has been home to many super foods, but the fast pace and urban mindsets have left these a little behind. The hotel, in its attempt to revive healthy lifestyles and blend it with luxury, has been offering this breakfast. “The day ought to begin with a healthy meal, we were always taught that but somehow in the way life has moved, we lost touch with this most important meal,” express the duo.

And then came bowls of Pavilion Bircher Muesli and Salmon and Almond Milk Clafoutis. While the names are fancy, the dishes are low cal and a complete meal in themselves. For egg lovers, there’s Eggs Benedict Classique.

Pavilion Bircher MuesliIt’s not just about taste, but how the super foods have been presented that can make these a popular choice. The woman behind this change is Chef Parveen Kaur. Ragi, bajra, amarantha, buck wheat have been part of staple diet in different parts of the country, says the Chef. “It’s just that lack of time and documentation, has taken off their value. But these are all locally available and well-liked by the Indian palate. And with a health-conscious society, these are important ingredients of a good wholesome meal,” she emphasized.

What’s more for breakfast

Varies from Japanese dishes to the live counter with fruits, sandwiches, regular South Indian fare, egg preparations. The hotel grows its own sprouts- mustard cress and places basil at each table.

The extra mile

  • More than 40 per cent of the food and beverage used is harvested and processed locally within 100 kilometres of the hotel
  • Menus with ‘calorie metres’
  • ‘One Bite Wonders’ are healthy snacks without compromising taste
  • Dial a ‘Well-being Chef’—to cite a case, a guest often used to skip breakfast as he did not have the comfort of home while travelling where his household would keep his gluten-free or lactose-free needs in mind. When he stated his preferences, the chefs at Sheraton New Delhi ensured there were always options, good substitutes available for these specific conditions or allergens. Customised menus suited to individual preferences are done. 

Address: Sheraton New Delhi, District Centre Saket – 110017; Tel: +91 11 42661122


Breakfast timings: 6.30-10.30 am

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