Kalahasti templeSomehow faith can make us do unusual things. Visiting a temple is akin to finding nirvana and an instant solution to problems, which is what sleeping on the floor in Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Tirumala Tirupati felt like. For a new worshipper and seeker that I was, prayers at Tirupati were blessings I needed in that phase. Added to this, I was going to the famous Srikalahasti temple, just a short drive away.

Legend of Tirupati

It was a trip to wash off my sins, so I thought. But all prayers don’t bring the answers we want, but the answers we are supposed to get; this was the learning I brought back. There are many legends woven around this most visited holy place on Earth. But the one most people talk about is how Lord Vishnu borrowed money from Lord Kuber for his marriage to goddess Lakshmi. The loan continues till the end of kaliyuga, the present era, which is why people donate generously to the God here.

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