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There’s a lot said about the vast population of India. On one side, it’s good to have young vibrant Indians around you, on the other hand it’s necessary that these young ones find a quality in life like their counterparts in the developed world. The advantage the developed world has is that it’s got more land and less population, so it is able to offer more professions and a better quality of life.

As urban India has woken up to this fact, we find couple opting for a single child alone. Not many of my colleagues have two children. It’s the time to enjoy life and give a better quality of life to your child too. Now, my parents were eight siblings on each side! This might seem lovely on the outside, giving a large family, but not every sibling could get the right to the right kind of life. The elder one would look after the younger ones, making them grow up before their time and they didn’t socialise a lot as eight in a household really didn’t need the outside world. While, this kind of upbringing may have worked in the India of yesteryears, it doesn’t work now. People like people from other countries, other regions and want to expand their horizons. So fewer children means more interaction with the world around and overseas.

Actually, when I speak to women of my mother’s generation, they shy away from bedroom talk. Having a son was necessary, so till the son arrived, the children kept arriving. This is still prevalent among the lower strata of society and among the lesser privileged ones. It’s sad to see a pregnant woman with her bulging stomach, knocking on the car window on red lights and begging to feed her unborn child. Along with her is her roost, it could be anywhere between three to 10, begging with their noses running, dirty hands, naked feet in winter too, torn clothes and unwashed hair. This is now how we want to see India in the next decade, I’m sure as Indians we will all agree with this!

So, while young India does not shy away from the bedroom, it has learnt ways to play safe and minimize the population. Education of all kind, which includes sex education, is a necessary part of life. It would help if people understood the use of contraceptive methods such as condoms or pills and even birth cycles. We need a scientific approach to understand the concept of safe sex.