worli, mumbaiEvery mode of transport has its own fun. In buses, the number of people travelling make up the journey rather than the destination. Group travel is an amazing way to see how interesting stories leave you with some delightful memories.

Mumbai to Shirdi

These were the days when I was an un-informed traveller. All my plans were wrong, the timings were wrong and the money spent was even more wrong! I would invariably end up spending twice the required amount. So, I was staying in Andheri East and had only a day with me. I decided to take a night bus to Shirdi. I asked the hotel to do my bookings and ended up standing at a roadside bus stop in Andheri. Luckily it was a busy shopping street and Mumbai never sleeps.

Like me, I found two more people standing with their suitcases and discovered that they were going to Shirdi too. But on a different bus. Their white staid buses came and I showed my ticket too. This is for a Volvo, I was told. That sounded like Greek to me, what was a Volvo in any case. It was late and I was alone in the streets of Mumbai. Out of the blue, this big dark coloured bus arrived and I showed my ticket. So, this was Volvo, it had large comfortable seats, AC, Video and ample space for luggage.

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