It was my first experience of group travel and that too on official duty. I was writing an article for a wellness magazine. It was a NRI group going to Uttarkashi from Delhi and with them were a yoga instructor couple from Germany. Their passion—a holistic way of life coupled with annual treks to India.

My beautiful pictureI don’t remember their names, as this was my first close interaction with people from another land. And this couple looked so different too—the lady was 70 years old and the gentleman 62, but nothing in their demeanour reflected this age. Their bodies were agile, their eating habits different and their lifestyle quite unlike an Indian’s. Even at this age, they came for regular treks to India. The year through, they worked back home and then enjoyed their three months trekking.

We had driven up in a bus from Delhi were staying in luxury tents in Uttarkashi. I found gentleness with this couple. The lady introduced me to jasmine tea. And we got talking about our lives. I must have seemed like an archaic young Indian, lost in time to this globe trotting couple. They had actually climbed mountains together in Europe and Nepal.

So, while we were at the Gangotri temple, they told me that they were going to trek to Gaumukh and Tapovan. I looked at them in awe and with lots of ignorance.

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