ikat saris by Rajesh Pratap Singh at ekaya, Delhi, India

ekaya: Handcrafted in India, exclusively for you

ikat sarees by Rajesh Pratap Singh at ekaya, Delhi, IndiaFor those who appreciate the six yard saree, there’s handcrafted ikat by designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.

words and photos: Ambica Gulati

Located right on the main road of Defence Colony in Delhi, ekaya now offers an exclusive range of handcrafted sarees and stoles by Rajesh Pratap singh. Bharat Shah, the man behind ekaya, says the USP of the store is handicrafts with Singh’s collection being a value-add to the store and in sync with the philosophy of ekaya.

Rajesh Pratap SinghAnd the man behind the six yards, Singh says with modesty that he finds every woman in India his muse. Excerpts from our conversation:

Who inspires you?
Everyone and everything

How do you choose your colours?
India is a coloruful land, so you find colours in the sarees too.

Has the saree gone out of fashion? Is this kind of a revival?
The saree is worn more than any other garment in India. While most western countries have fewer outfits to choose from for formal occasion, you will always find Indian women preferring to wear a saree on formal occasions.

Considering that it’s tough to find good craftsmen today, this being all handwork, how do you operate? Are all these made in your unit or do you outsource as well?Model wearing a Rajesh Pratap Singh saree, Delhi, India
This is precisely the reason I have kept 20 full time craftsmen with me in Rajasthan. Some pieces are made in different states such as Gujarat.

What about the patterns?
I am simply in love with ikat and that’s what inspires me.

Which is the one Indian woman you would like to see draped in these?

Which is the one foreigner who would look good in these sarees?
Hmmm…all, I guess!

The prices are very nominal for a saree designed by Rajesh Pratap Singh.
Everyone has been saying that, but I want the saree to be available for every woman.

Address: D 7, Defence Colony, New Delhi, India

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