Through the lush green landscape from Ajmer to Pali, yes this is green Rajasthan. Driving past the shepherds to the 19th century hunting lodge—Lakshman Sagar owned by Sewara Hospitality.

Lakshman Sagar Swimming Pool, Rajasthan, IndiaMen in dhoti, kurta and colourful turbans looked at the car flying through the almost empty roads. Sheep were too busy grazing, looking up for a second and went on with their grazing.

Two railway crossings, where you could enjoy the slow trains crawling past, and the journey to Lakshman Sagar continues. Weaving through narrow mud village roads, one suddenly arrives at Lakshman Sagar. Green fields, no jarring buildings to ruin the skyline, this is a resort for those who like nature at its stark best.

Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan, IndiaNothing can prepare for you for the breathtaking natural beauty here. Chiselled through the rocky hill are narrow pathways. With the blue sky above, and browns and greens around, it’s like walking into an alien land. Just a dash of pink or blue here and there is reminiscent of the modern touch.

The 12 cottages made from mud and stone blend beautifully into the surroundings. With all the modern amenities, Lakshman Sagar is an architectural marvel. There is no formal building reception, open skies, smiling faces and cooling drinks greet you.

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