A special administrative region of China, Hong Kong which means fragrant harbour, is a melting pot of cultures. But it’s the Disneyland there that makes the inner child dance away.

Sleeping beauty Castle lit up in Disneyland, Hong Kong

Home to thousands of immigrants, Hong Kong kind of blows away the body, mind and soul. The air, the cleanliness and the pace, it’s simply a world of its own. The wind blowing through our air, the car whizzes through the empty roads from the airport to Disneyland. And then the fun begins.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Comes Alive

This is a visual delight. With Disney characters popping out all over, you feel like a child once again. Located on reclaimed land in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, the theme park is located inside the Resort. It is owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks.

The signs, the colours and the greens, the Resort makes you want to stay longer than you planned. Keeping in mind the Chinese traditions, the resort was built on the principles of feng shui. To the extent that a bend was put in a walkway near the entrance so that the good qi energy would not flow into the South China Sea.

It offers all kinds of cuisines, but the dumplings are a must try. And there is even a Disney Gift Shop for all mementos.

The Park

The themed areas are called lands. And you enter into Main Street, U.S.A. which resembles an early 20th-century Midwest town, something like the cowboy streets we have seen in movies. Up above, you see a train chugging past. This is one of the more popular rides for the children but even adults would enjoy this slow track ride.

This street has eateries like Plaza Inn which is a replica of the classical Chinese eatery. The Market House Bakery is based on vision by a Viennese pastry chef who brought the world’s most famous desserts from the Austrian imperial court.

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