Its stark white landscape makes you feel as if you are walking on the Moon. With someone special, Cappadocia is where wonders happen and beauty fills you with awe.

Hot Air Ballooning Over CappadociaIt’s a region with natural wonders–Cappadocia in Anatolia, Turkey is where you can walk under the bluest of skies. It’s where the people carved houses out of mountains and lived in underground cities. Here fairy chimneys abound and people greet with a smile, Cappadocia is among the many wonders that make up this planet. It’s a region formed from volcanic eruptions approximately nine to three million years ago, and is among the exotic places to see in the world.

Best Thing To Do

Hot-air ballooning. Available in Goreme, this is an unforgettable experience where you go up as the sun rises through the clear skies, and the shades of reds, purples and oranges trickle over the landscape. The view is simply mind blowing.

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