Sunday bonanza at Guppy by ai

An impromptu plan and I landed at a delicious Japanese brunch in Delhi’s Lodi market.

Sunday Brunch at Guppy by ai, DelhiWords and photos: Ambica Gulati

Even though Japanese cuisine has found its way in a lot of five-stars in Delhi, there’s still something unusual about the sushis and the teppayankis. More so, when they are served in a place dedicated to them, in an ambience recreated to feel that you are eating it somewhere in Japan with bright colours and lamps and only wooden chopsticks to eat with. One such interesting eat out is Guppy by ai. Its fame lies in the fact that is a venture by well known restauranteur AD Singh but for me it’s where delicious dishes come from the kitchen of Chef Vikram Khatri.Sunday Brunch at Guppy by ai, Delhi

I call it a smooth transition. Here’s an Indian chef who understands our palate, has worked with Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, Delhi for seven years. He learned the craft and cuisine from Japanese chefs. He has even done a stint at the Ocean Room in Sydney, said to be a modern Japanese restaurant in Australia.

The Chef likes to serve his food with a panache. He knows that he is going to get a mixed crowd, some genuine well travelled people and others new and experimental. So the Sunday brunch, which is huge, suits every palate. There is a healthy mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian and I loved the presentation and the colours.

Sunday Brunch at Guppy by ai, DelhiMost ingredients are sourced here but some need to come from abroad. And it’s not a buffet. The menu is on the table. You can state your preference or follow the natural course of things and let the dishes come one by one to your table. But mind you, it could take almost three hours for this to end, so you and your stomach had better come prepared. Or make a decision on exactly what you want to eat.

A normal course is salads, cold starters, some noodles and rice with a main dish and desserts. Though the Chef said that in traditional homes in Japan, there’s no such thing as a main course. And what I discovered is that there are cooked foods too, its not just raw seafood and cold sushi. And there are light soft flavours with lots of greens. There are no harsh and heavy spices, so it’s best to enjoy your meal slowly.

Sunday Brunch at Guppy by ai, DelhiPutting the menu simply—begin with a palatable Miso Soup or Mushroom Suimono, moving on to the tatakis and the sashimis. Then come the sushi rolls, tempuras and grills, and the Okonomiyaki which are Japanese Pizza Pancakes. Another dish which is a must try are the Steamed Mushroom Buns. A dessert which I particularly liked was Fruit Yakitori.

While we had the brunch with wine,Sunday Brunch at Guppy by ai, Delhi one could opt for Japanese style beer cocktails and mocktails too.

On what’s more—Chef Vikram hopes to one day travel into the interiors of Japan to bring more delectable flavours.

Address: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 
Time: 12pm – 3:30 pm
Price: Rs 1,475 ++ for unlimited food and non alcoholic beverages and Rs 1,950 ++ for unlimited food and alcohol
For Reservation: +91-11-24690005/6, +919650185005

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