The Great Kabab Factory: Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

The legacy of the Mughals, the famed cuisine of India—kababs, curries and biryanis—lives on in the kitchens of this famous Delhi restaurant.The Great Kebab Factory, Delhi

Words and photos: Ambica Gulati

Old is gold, whoever made this adage was certainly well experienced. Kababs and curries are going to be an eternal favourite with India come what may. And they are India’s road to global fame. More so, when these flavours weave their way on the tables amidst the luxurious settings of The Great Kabab Factory.

Here the legacy of the Mughals lives on in kababs of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Cooked in varied styles such as in a sighri or tandoor, shallow fried on a mahi tawa, fried in a kadai, steamed in pots and grilled on stone, these have pulled one and all for more than a decade now. Made of meats, vegetables, potatoes, soya, paneer and more, a different platter is served ate every meal. And a full meal could take you as long as two hours to finish because its unlimited portions served on your table. The restaurant owns 450 recipes, saved from the kitchens of generations long gone.

Actually, every night the platter includes six kinds of kababs but if you are eating both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties, you are digging into one of the larger helpings of kababs. What’s the eternal favourite though—the Shahi Gilaawat Kabab and Burrah Kabab. And you are taught how to make the traditional calorie-laden galauti or gilaawat into a roll and eat it the real way.

The Great Kebab Factory, DelhiAfter the large dose of kababs, there is a main course which has different kinds of dal or pulses, different rotis or breads, biryanis, raita, a vegetarian dish and then four or five desserts. But even after two hours of eating like a Mughal soldier, though the meal is actually from the kitchens of the kings, you can’t miss the sumptuous paans. I call the meal a soldier’s meal because after a short while there is a battle between appetite, desire and space. And you actually don’t know who is winning!

The Great Kebab Factory, DelhiWhat I liked: The Chef treated us to ‘karhao ghosht’. This was cooked in a huge kadai and the aromas were excellent. The fragrance of spices lingered for a long time. The Pineapple Phirni was served in an earthen bowl. And the chutneys were as fresh as they could be. Breads are served in wicker baskets, giving a very ethnic and eco-friendly touch. Service is with a smile and fast. Your plate is never empty. And the spices vary as per the season because you can’t be eating hot spices in summer and cool ones in winter. There is less use of fat and oils now that the people are more health conscious and have sedentary lifestyles. And the blue glasses and lamps are soothing and inviting.

The Great Kebab Factory, DelhiMy recommendation: It’s best to make a reservation. I was told there’s always a packed house. And it’s a great introduction to India if you are getting someone from another country here.

Price: Vegetarian: Rs 1,350 +12.5% VAT + 5.6% Service Tax Per Person
Non-Vegetarian – Rs 1,550+ 12.5% VAT + 5.6% Service Tax per Person

Operating hours: 7pm-12:15am (Daily)
Dinner all days, except Sunday and National holidays when it’s open for lunch as well.

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi
National Highway 8, Mahipalpur, Near I.G.I. Airport, New Delhi 110037
Ph: +91-11–26779191

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