Giving a boost to the creative spirit, this initiative by Artree and the hotel is where budding artists showcase their works.

IMG_20151120_180548 Words and photos: Ambica Gulati

Six artists and six months—As you walk through the lobby of Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon, you find it lit with works by some budding, some trained and some self taught. The six artists are Radhika Surana, Sparsh Kumar, Uma Bardhan, Shradha Bhatia, Aman Sekhon and Rashmi Singh. Says the curator Pragati Agarwal, “Each month will showcase the works of different artist so that each one of them gets ample time to showcase their works.” Agarwal has earlier also curated works for Art Walk and most of the times she has screened artists by word of mouth reference. She has been promoting this art walk for the last two years and hopes to curate such shows in other hotels across Delhi-NCR. She is in talks with Crowne Plaza Hotel Okhla, Delhi

Curator Pragati Agarwal with Chief Guest Sharat Dhall, CEO,

Based in Gurgaon, Agarwal ventured into the business of curating art by chance but has developed a knack for choosing the works. “But the market for sale is unpredictable. Some months are good, some not so good. A lot also depends on the pricing. I feel it needs to be a balanced price.” She does suggest the pricing to the artists but it depends on their willingness too. The USP of each show is that each artist has a different style and expression, she elucidates. Agarwal does prefer to avoid breakable sculptures and artifacts, as the lobby has a lot of movement but is not closed to the idea.

The exhibition is on till May 20, 2016

 Who showcases when:

IMG_20151120_180642Till December 19, 2015, Radhika Surana, who has done Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Rajasthan.

Till January 19, 2016, Sparsh Kumar who has studied art at Delhi College of Art.

Till February 19, 2016, Uma Bardhan, a self taught 60 plus artist who uses water colour on silk.

Till March 19, 2016, Shradha Bhatia with focus on serene Buddha.

Till April 19, 2016, Rashmi Jamwal, a self- taught artist whose works have the many elements of myths and contemporary forms.

Till May 20, 2016, Aman Sekhon, a self taught artist who paints nature on canvas.