When in need of relaxing and needing a confident glow on the face, head to this salon and spa.

R The SpaWords: Ambica Gulati

Well, something you can’t hide is age, so what you need to do is just enjoy it. And that comes when you can chill out in expert hands. Which is exactly what I did at R The Spa. Guided by the spa manager, Jasmine and the expert therapist Sabina, I let them decide what worked best for the tired skin, the dark circles and the sleeping mind! While I got a great tip on using castor oil regularly from Jasmine, Sabina gave me a really cool tip. While cleansing and clearing the tired lines from my face, she told what I should do on a regular basis at home—take all the peels of the vegetables, grind them and then use this as a face cleanser. With this treasured tip, I simply closed my eyes and let her go forward with the treatments.

I don’t remember the exact steps, but of course it begins with basic cleaning. But all I know is that Sabina has spent 23 years in the beauty business and 18 of them with Radisson. And she likes to treat the skin with a lot of TLC—tender, loving care. No harsh and sudden movements and no poking instruments on or around your face. But smooth creams and lotions and when you open your eyes, you do see some shine and glow. My dark circles had visibly reduced by 50 per cent and she told me that I must be regular in this to see better results.

So what exactly did she do—the Caviar and Pearl Age Defying Facial with focus on dark under-eye circles.

How it helps?
Caviar has protein, vitamins and minerals. It helps to speed up the natural production of collagen giving a younger, firmer and lustrous appearance. This is an anti-aging solution with properties that helps in skin hydration and gives protection against free radical damage. It helps in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The products–Caviar extracts and Pearl powder within Escutox™, a tropical alternative to Botox®.

Price and time–Rs 6,000 for 90 minutes

R The Spa newWhat else the salon and spa offers?
Just about everything you need to look beautiful—from eyebrows to waxing to massages of all kinds. And it’s for gentlemen as well.