body lotion

Something to keep the skin moist when travelling to dry regions.

Words: Ambica Gulati

Just because you are a traveller doesn’t mean you have to live with dry skin, a dirty bag or miss out on looking good. Some things are a must carry in your travel kit, especially if you are a woman. As chemicals are out of my travel bag, the new Organic Harvest Body Lotion seemed like a good try. And with Delhi winter, it’s natural to try this several times a day. Which is what I did for the first two days. And then the need came down, as the lotion is soft and keeps the body moist for a long time. It’s also very light, so I guess it should work in summer too.

What’s in it
Organic Harvest Body Lotion is has ECOCERT certified ingredients that are free of chemicals, fertilisers and herbicides. This contains natural moisturising actives obtained from tamarind seeds.

My verdict
Best used after a bath when the body is soft and supple. It lives up to its promise of hydrating. It’s not sweaty either.

What makes it easy to carry
The packaging and good bottle.

Available at: All major cities in India including exclusive Organic Harvest ( stores in Delhi as well as on prominent shopping websites.

Price: Rs. 695 (100ml)