It’s just an embrace, but the warmth of this embrace called hug lasts a lifetime.

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When I was a little girl, I was carried around, everyone wanted to talk to me and everyone wanted to kiss me and hug me. When I grew up, I was told to keep a physical distance with people. So I met people and folded my hands in a namaste. As I started working, I began to shake hands and it was fine. A hug was lost for many years in my life, until one day.

She contacted me on Facebook. She lived in the US and she was just a distant name—Reena Soni. She had left school when we were in the fourth standard or maybe the third. We had nothing in common but she would message, write jokes, chat and keep in touch. She sent pictures of her children. She seemed like an alien. But it was interesting to see a grown up avatar of the child seen eons back.

And then she arrived in India. She sent message after messages, wanting to meet all those threaded in childhood. It just seemed so rude to avoid it. And it wasn’t taking away much time. Most of all, it wasn’t a relationship which demanded just a time to remember those days of pushing, pulling and walking down the school corridor, eating lunches in the ground. It wasn’t going to cost anything and I landed at her aunt’s doorstep at the designated time. I was ushered and then this roly poly adult caught me a warm embrace. A little stiff, a little shy, a little taken aback, I slowly put my arms around her. And then suddenly something melted.

We were talking like we had always known each other but in fact we hadn’t met for 30 years, we were actually complete strangers. It was the warmth of that childhood embrace that melted the years and the time. We were locked in a warm conversation with an ease that was shocking. And then two hours later, the hug of a parting was a warmer one and with a promise to reach America soon and stay with her for a month, live the childhood fantasy again, I said my goodbye. Yaari, dosti, friendship, its all a matter of the heart and not distance.

The warmth of the hug had changed everything. We were friends now on Facebook, on What’s app and in adult life. A hug from someone who loves you can really change your  world and help you celebrate responsibly the real meaning of being alive.

So what are you waiting for? Share a hug and roll in the love of good friends.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for audience above the age of 25 years.