Le Belvedere at Le Meridien Delhi sizzled as Galactic dancers rocked the floor

Galactic dancers for the New Year bash at Le Meridien Delhi


New Year will be celebrated German-style at Le Meridien Delhi. Inspired by the vibrant galaxy in which we live, four Galactic dancers from Frankfurt, Germany are going to perform live on December 31, 2015. Meet Verena, Elena, Nadine and Lisa who are going to perform a medley, a mix of jazz, hip hop and more forms. We got a sneak peek into what’s it going to be like for those going to this bash. They will glitter, sizzle and dazzle with their ‘weiß-lila’costumes and sequences.

P_20151228_212623For the young dancers, it’s the first time to Asia. They have yet to experience Indian cuisine but are enjoying moving around the Capital. The roots of the group go to 2002 when the founding members had been the affiliated cheer dance group of the erstwhile American Football Team ‘Frankfurt Galaxy’ NFL Europa in Germany. They have been performing across Europe and are also cheerleaders for a basketball team back home. The New Year bash will also have them in their cheerleading costumes.

So watch the video to see what happens when club dance, modern jazz, Latin and cheer dance come from Germany.

Fitness fundas by the dancers: eat a lot, practice daily, do more shows and make dancing a profession. 




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