A red brick building hidden amidst the tall trees in the bylanes of Chattarpur, Kairali Ayurvedic Group has celebrated 25 years with natural therapies. An email conversation with Abhilash K Ramesh, Executive Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group reveals what has kept the Group motivated all these years and how popular are natural therapies. Excerpts:

kairali1How do you define the journey of Kairali now that ayurveda has gained momentum?
It is always good to see others joining in and supporting the cause of ayurveda and spreading the benefits of this ancient science. The initial years were hard as 26 years ago in Delhi no one knew what ayurveda really is. But over the years it has stabilised and with the additional push from the government, even other international markets and domestic clients have got to know about the efficacy of this.

After all these years, do you find Indians more receptive to the treatment?
Yes, over the years Indians have started to care about preventive medicine and also the belief in ayurveda has increased as a treatment options for acute and chronic disorders. And there is a significant increase year-on-year of Indians as well as NRIs visiting our centres and healing villages.

What made you choose to open a centre in the North East?
We see the North East as a growing market and potentially being one of the biggest in the near future. Similar to the trend of growth in acceptance we are seeing pan India, the North East is also very responsive to the same.

Are you training people here and sending them there or are you training locals?
Currently we are training people in Kerala and sending them there, but we have plans to expand our training division and setting one up in the North East.

What are your plans for the future?
We are currently delivering our services in nine countries, in around 40 centres and our future plan is to spread 15 new outlets/centres across the globe in 2016.

KairaliWhat is the USP of Kairali?
Kairali Ayurvedic Group, a pioneer in ayurveda, is practicing this 5,000-year-old science to heal one’s ailment for more than 107 years through ayurvedic treatments and medicines. At all the Kairali centres, we have ayurvedic doctors with an experience of more than 20-25 years and all the therapists hail from Kerala who are renowned for their therapeutic skills and expertise in ayurvedic therapies. All the medicines and oils used for ayurvedic treatment are manufactured at our own factory at Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. All the medicines are made from herbs and rare plants available in south India and we have been supplying medicines across the globe. The architecture of all Kairali centres and resorts are designed in sync with ayurveda architecture, maintaining the prescribed ayurveda principles.

Where Nature Cures
Aparna Gulati who has a high BP problem was given a light abhayangam massage. The doctor prescribed light strokes and no steam, which is a regular after this massage. The oil used is mixed herbs and acts as an immediate relaxant. And what’s interesting is the powder soap to have a bath with.

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