10 reasons why I like to use ASUS ZenPad 8.0

Why it’s always in my travel bag

ASUSWords, photos with ASUS: Ambica Gulati

For someone who doesn’t like to carry too many gadgets while travelling, this tablet is an ideal solution. It’s a mini-theatre cum laptop and phone rolled into one sophisticated packaged product. And it’s something you can easily carry in your handbag. I have been using it for a few weeks and here are the 10 reasons why it’s among my favourite travel essentials:

  1. I liked the size of the tab—8” is good to do all your writing work. You can see what all is there on the screen and don’t lose track of what you are writing. The fonts are clear and the resolution is good.
  2. It catches the network anywhere. Not even once did I lose communication, even in the basement.
  3. The camera has many features such as low light mode, HDR, GIF animation, slow motion. And the video quality is also good. The big screen permits different angles and experiments. You can take wide angle shots with panorama.P_20151228_212623
  4. I like the touch pad which is smooth and fast.
  5. The look and feel of the tab is smart. It’s something which attracts attention and with voice calling it becomes a centre point, considering it offers multiple features for just Rs 15,000.
  6. The audio cover is a fantastic accessory. The sounds are as good as any expensive home theatre. Sitting in my bed and watching a movie was an experience.
  7. Another feature which I liked was sound recording—the clarity of recording makes it an attractive gadget to possess.
  8. MiniMovie is an interesting app. You can create interesting slides from your photographs and add music too. So there’s no need to download any extra software. So that’s an added advantage for a blogger.
  9. There is a Kids Mode. With a password, you can control all the adult data and let a child safely play on the tab.
  10. There is not a lot of clutter of apps, of course you can download as per your needs, but you find all the essentials in it such as web storage, super note, recoding, tracking, note reminder and more. There is even a ZenCircle to share all your posts and meet more like-minded people.

How many more reasons can anyone find to possess this gadget!

To know all the technical specifications, accessories, price and availability, click here

About ASUS
The word ASUS comes from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that represents the inspiration of art and learning. It embodies the strength, creative spirit and purity symbolised by this mythical creature. The company believes in the “Think Through” the big picture philosophy, with focus on the Purpose behind any task and places a huge emphasis on Innovation and Aesthetics. To know more, click here.

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