The promise of soft, hydrated lips

P_20160109_124133_DFWords: Ambica Gulati

When I saw the pomegranate-flavoured lip balm by Organic Harvest, I wondered if I should keep one in my travel kit? It’s beautifully packaged, flavoured and light enough to carry. But do we really need lip balms? So I asked some fellow bloggers on the Facebook group Travel Correspondents/Bloggers what they felt about it. Sharing some comments:


Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu


Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu said: “I carry it always.”



Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal, Founder, IndiTales, wrote back: “We all do, always.”


Shilpi Dutta

According to Shilpi Dutta, lip balms are a must for every trip. “I use Avon lip balm that has SPF protection and moisturises lips for long hours. Be it summers or winters, lip balm is more a protective balm than cosmetic. Safe to apply before sleeping for smooth conditioned lips.”



Shubham Mansingka

Shubham Mansingka, who works at, came out with an immediate “Yup, I think the only travel accessory that I carry with me is Himalaya lip balm, works like a dream at all altitudes”.


vaibhavHimalayan Wanderer aka Vaibhav Chauhan, Writer at Wander The Himalayas, said that the Himalaya anti-UV Lip Balm works best in high altitudes, “especially if you are trekking in an alpine environment”.


Purba Nagar

Purba Nagar was a firm: “Always do!”



Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt, Blogger-Writer at, said: “I carry Eos, works in all seasons.”



Rahul Jagtiani

Rahul Jagtiani went a step further. He said: “I’m a fellow travel video blogger and I also sell these kind of products for a living.


But there are some who don’t think it’s a necessity.


Sanjeev Goyal

Sanjeev Goyal said that he never carries lip balms.


Mahesh Semwal

Mahesh Semwal said never with a smile emoticon

Alka Kaushik

Alka Kaushik, Administrator of the group, said, “I have never ‘owned’ one, never applied and do not carry…sounds strange” and a smile emoticon ended this.

Kjs Chatrath

Kjs Chatrath was an explosive, “Hell, No!”


So it looks like the little lip balm is a clear winner, even the two don’t use it had a smile emoticon at the end of the sentence. So Organic Harvest Lip Balm you are going in my travel kit.