afimityEver since the ‘www’ has invaded our lives, we have all become virtual social animals. We love connecting, sharing, finding new friends, doing things, being stupid and being mature. All of us find our own in some way or the other. Here comes another platform to find your own– This is a social sharing network catering to multiple interests and multiple areas and multiple people. After all, it’s the day and age of multiplicity.

And since all of us have multiple interests, offers many such interests. There are different channels such as travel, food, careers, tech, digital life, to name a few. Exploring it further I found that it’s easier to install the app—Android and IOS. This way I can do things on the move and it works better to keep in touch with like minded people.

The app is very convenient to use with all swipe throughs. Like all social media channels, there are likes, add a friend buttons. But the difference is that when you share a post, it can be a simple one or a question. And there is an option of a poll. This makes it pretty interesting as it gives insights into the user mindsets, especially if they are related to your core business. Polls are useful in making business decisions.

For those who want a quick feed round, they could just go to Picks which has interesting curated content crafted by Affimity. And for those who are looking at trends, Buzz is the button to touch. And then there’s New.

And to share your posts, there is the choice between friends and everyone. Good images, new friends, new thoughts and an easy-to-navigate platform. What more could a social media geek look for!

What I choseP_20160202_150838

Since my blog is focused on travel, culture and cuisine, I chose to watch the food and travel first. This had some interesting slow motion shots along with good pictures. And I discovered that there is a National Croissant Day, January 30! So each day is a day of discovery with

On travel, I found some people recommending good getaways and even some agents who offer good packages. And again little know things like 100 things to do in Iceland, 25 things Americans do that are rude in other countries.

The main thing to remember in this app is that the swipe works like a book, you go left and right, not up and down. But then, isn’t life a book to enjoy and read at your pace and write stories which bring a smile to your face?

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