Food festival: Tokyo Mon Amour at Guppy by ai, Delhi

Guppy by ai and Le Bistro du Parc join hands to offer a delectable Franco-Japanese experience Wednesday through Sunday, dinner only please
Tokyo mon amour

Some places never disappoint. And Guppy by ai is among them. Everything about that restaurant is about art—the ambience, the food, the service. The soft music and the yum platters by Chef Vikram make one float, yes actually they give you the same high as a party would.

At the recent pop-up Tokyo Mon Amour, the blend of French and Japanese cuisine was an experience to savour. It is not a place to look for heavy meals but pieces of art on your plates. The menu is pretty extensive and the flavours an education for the Indian palate. The vegetarian dishes, in particular, are a delight. For not many places manage to blend in their ingredients and aromas to make it smooth for the palate. More interesting is the fact that the dishes one gets to eat in ‘Tokyo Mon Amour’ pop-up are unusual, as they are specially created to suit the theme. And even the seating area is interestingly done with hearts all over the walls.
P_20160313_212243_LLAnd there are even separate cocktails that you find with these delectable dishes, which is another journey to suit the changing season’s light flavours. So you have the choice of flavours in food and in drinks.

Without much ado, only one dish has been kept from the Le Bistro du Parc’s original menu (Le Bistro du Parc’s Signature Pan Fried Calamari) and the rest all created. And what I relished from this menu–among the cocktails Painap Flip with Brandy, thyme, fresh pineapple, lime and sugar; The Tokyo Connection with Brandy, Cointreau, lime and sugar and Aomorotini made of Gin, fresh green apple, rosemary, lime and sugar. I would certainly like to learn how to make these at home! Fresh and cool herbs mixed with the right amount of alcohol make for great drinks, especially as the weather gets hotter.


P_20160313_200315_LLThe food front is a little difficult to classify but I would recommend Cured Tomato & Ginko Nut Salad. The three-day cured ‘chuka’ tomato salad with palm heart, celery, grapes and ginko with ginger-citron dressing was fresh and tasty.

Among the fish dishes, try the In-house Cold-smoke Salmon with Micro Cress, Dill & Crème Fraîche which is Sakura wood-smoked Scottish salmon topped with dried purple shiso salt, dill and sour and Salmon Tartare which is Sashimi salmon, diced and marinated, paired with fresh avocado, served on cucumber slivers with tobikko roe (fish roe) and bonito mayo

But there were three piece de resistance:

Mushroom & Asparagus Gyoza with Rustic Tomato Salsa, Chives & Cream Reduction (Gluten-free, crisp-bottom steamed pot stickers, served with tomato salsa and herbed cream), have not eaten anything like this in the three-year-long blogging career.

bacon and chickenBlack Rice Sushi Roll with Avocado, Cucumber and Cream Cheese. My friend who is not into Japanese food, especially the sushi rolls loved the cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, tossed sesame seeds and tempura crisp.

Bacon Wrapped In House Chicken Sausages with Chives, Soya Honey & Red Wine Glaze. I am not a bacon eater but any more dishes like this one, juicy melt-in-the-mouth ones, and I would soon start loving it. This was minced chicken tsukune, wrapped with bacon, topped with dates, chives and red wine and soy glaze.

What I missed: Guppy’s Signature Pork Belly because I just can’t eat pork, but I am sure some would like to try this slow-braised pork belly, glazed with soy-honey, served with mustard-miso sauce, Calamari a la plancha with olives, cherry tomato, garlic chips and pepper coulis.

But keep in mind that Tokyo Mon Amour menu is served in a designated area and there are some dos and don’ts of ordering from the main restaurant menu. But take your time and relish this with drinks, you won’t even feel the need to try anything else, especially if you are with ‘l’amour’.



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