A Unique Road Safety Programme by Goodyear India

Offering Complimentary Training To Selected Taxi Drivers In Delhi-NCR and Mumbai

10152428_1063841977010015_8628345267271250863_nMost of us crib about the bad roads, the zooming bikes and cars, the sudden turns taken by drivers and the missing indicators, not to forget the constant sound of horns and the cars rubbing against each other in narrow lanes leaving scratches and dents. These are only some of the problems we face on Indian roads, experts could tell us many more. So keeping in mind these issues, Goodyear India in association with Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) initiated a unique road safety programme–Safer Roads,Safer You. Under this, 2,555 taxi drivers in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai were offered complimentary training in Delhi and Mumbai between December 2015 and March 2016.

The focus of the programme was not just about road safety, but also about preventing accidents and reducing confrontations. Once, this is completely implemented, it would enhance the overall experience whilst travelling on the roads, more so if you are an owner of one of those big fancy cars!

What the one-day workshop conducted for groups of 20 taxi drivers offered:

  • Created awareness about being on the road
  • Covered critical aspects such as defensive driving, passenger comfort and safety, vehicle maintenance, personal management and incident management
  • The participants were given an incentive of Rs 500
  • They were also given a complimentary accidental death insurance policy of Rs. 2,00,000 and a certificate

Talking in detail about this community initiative, Rajeev Anand, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Goodyear India, said, “Goodyear India is committed to helping build and support collaborative programmes that create positive outcomes for the communities, making them safer and stronger. Safe mobility is a prime concern with the company. With the ‘Safer Roads, Safer You’ initiative, we hope to create a culture of safe driving and passenger care in the taxi service industry to help increase ridership of the public transportation system. This would benefit everyone–the fleet owners, taxi drivers, police organisations and end-users.”

On choosing to train taxi drivers, the answer was that the taxi industry plays a critical role in tourism and moving passengers around the city on a daily basis. Radio Taxi service has provided an important means of public transport in most mega cities, increasing their share in the numbers of light passenger vehicles, especially in the metros.

1200x482-RoadTrafficThe IRTE has an experience of more than the 15 years towards providing safer roads for users, reiterated Anand. Commenting on the initiative and the association, Dr. Rohit Baluja, President, IRTE, said, “With our association with Goodyear India, we hope to improve the customer service standards and to control occurrences of traffic violations. This initiative will address these issues through workshops and will provide an opportunity to the State to regain the trust of people, especially tourists, in the public transportation system.”

Did you know that the frequency of traffic collisions in India is amongst the highest in the world? A National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report revealed that every year, more than 135,000 traffic collision-related deaths occur in India! The ‘Global Status Report on Road Safety’ published by the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the major causes of traffic collisions as driving over the speed limit, driving under the influence, and not using helmets and seat belts. Failure to maintain lane or yield to oncoming traffic when turning are prime causes of accidents on four lane, non-access controlled National Highways. (Source: Wikipedia)

About Goodyear India

The 92-year-old Goodyear India has two tyre plants/companies in Ballabgarh and Aurangabad. In the passenger car segment, Goodyear India supplies tyres to many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. It has been a pioneer in introducing Tubeless radial tyres in this segment. In the farm segment, in India, Goodyear tyres are supplied to all the major tractor companies.

About Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE)

IRTE is a non-profit research based organisation formed in December 1991 by an interdisciplinary group of members including educationists, doctors, journalists, ex-servicemen, architects and automobile experts and members of the police. The aim is to make the Indian roads safer for those who use them. IRTE is a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and the Commission for Global Road Safety representing India. IRTE has earned a roster consultative status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2010. IRTE has also been participating at the working party 1 (WP.1) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) as an observer.

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