Taj Safaris now has its first lodge outside India: Meghauli Serai at UNESCO World Heritage site Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

Taj Safaris_Meghauli Serai, Nepal (4)Combining local traditions with luxury, this is a 13-room property. It offers elevated views of the jungle and also has 16 independent villas. Each villa has its own private plunge pool. The lodge also has a plush Rapti Mahal presidential suite.

Taj Safaris_Meghauli Serai, Nepal (6)Meghauli Serai has incorporated local hues into its design and operations for sustainable touches. With its Newari and Tharu-inspired front doors, use of natural earthy tones, locally-sourced ingredients that foreground Tharu tastes in inventive cuisine, the lodge offers a relaxing setting.

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