Twist to the tail, its new Indian and Portugese cocktails at Barcelos, India

A heady mix of hard liquor, wines and juices, the new Portuguese and Indian Cocktail Bar is bound to attract many to this South African restaurant chain in Delhi.

barcelos logoWords and pictures: Ambica Gulati

Well, the twist in the tail began with a hurried round of two cocktails for me. Somehow whenever I go to Barcelos, I am always in a hurry. But this time, I managed to squeeze in two cocktails and one mezze in 30 minutes. And to give credit to the lady serving me, she did manage to cater to my needs in this short while.

In the hurried glance through the menu, I saw quite a range to choose from, but since I wanted to taste two different things and not so sweet, I decided to go for Ola from the Potrugese bar and Adrakhi Anari from the Indian one.

adrakhi anari
Ola was a rum based red drink and the Indian one was vodka. While on their own both tasted good with the fresh pita bread and babagnoush and the mezze, my palate took a liking to the Adrakhi Anari. It had small anar bits and sliced ginger which tasted very good on the rocks. These gave it a sweet yet tangy and fresh flavour. Ginger is one of my favourite root vegetables and am definitely going back for this again.

ola and pita
Ola has flavour of rose and a betel leaf, which actually makes you feel more Indian than Portugese. But it’s a cooler for the summer.

The menu is extensive with sangria, boozy shakes and some interesting drinks such as Bermuda, Poncha Jura, Potuguese in Love (a twist in love with brandy and pomegranate) amongst many others, priced at Rs 325. There are more that I would like to try from the Indian menu–Theeki-Mirchi (Vodka, guava juice, fresh green chillies and lime juice), Paan-Tini (Vodka, beetel leaves, areca nut, mukhwas, gulkand and vanilla ice cream) and Intoxicated Jaljeera (Vodka, fresh mint leaves, fresh coriander leaves, ginger, tamarind and lime juice). These are priced at Rs 300.

desert with cheese, gulab jamun and icecreamThere is a new dessert on the menu too, but I didn’t try these. However, the friend on the same table vouched for the traditional cheese served with gulab jamun and ice cream. Other new additions are Red Velvet lava and Green Tea lava to serve with ice cream. Priced at Rs225, there is a Gold chocolate cake served with meringue and ice cream amongst others.mezze

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