It’s Friday! And time to tango at Eros Hotel, New Delhi. Originating from the land of Argentine way back in the 1880s, this dance is being taught by Kiran Sawhney, Founder of New Delhi Tango School, on Fridays all through July at this Delhi hotel.

And along with the one-hour master class is the Milonga where you can dance your heart out. Milongas are tango dance socials and they come with a lot of fun and frolic. “Accompanied by traditional tango music, the dance needs just a little bit of practice and then the rhythm takes over,” says Sawhney. And when you see the dance, you will know from where the term ‘it takes two to tango’ originates. “A perfect synchronization of two people moving in rhythm slowly, tango can burn as many calories as brisk walking.”

Despite the fact that Indians do shy from this close dance, the first milonga did find many young takers, ready to embrace the new form. Sawhney holds regular classes at her studio too.