Gift A Fujifilm Instax       

Let’s shoot, print and be stylish, the tag says it all!

instax 1

Words and photographs: Ambica Gulati

Just when I thought I was going to learn the basics of photography, I was invited to a session on Fujifilm Instax with fashion photographer Bikash Das. While digital is the buzzword in all things, there is a look and feel to print versions. The smell of paper, the ability to touch and explore in-depth is what makes prints nostalgic. And the same resonated with Instax, the instant print camera brought out by Fujifilm. The Japanese firm has been around since 1934 and known for its quality films. Though, digital did force it to take backseat for many years in recent times, but innovation has been the firm’s high point and with Instax it hopes to keep the olden golden memories alive in print.

The look and feel of the camera is very modern, yet somehow it will remind one of the old large black cameras when the lens were attached on the top. Here, the picture comes out on the top. The Mini 8 Joybox comes with a pack of films, a pen and even a selfie mirror and a bag to store your camera in. Yes, innovations are done in many ways, including the art of taking selfies.

iinstaxSo the thumb rule of photography is light and a distance of five feet. Keeping these two in mind, if you take a picture from the camera, out will come a print that will leave you thrilled. And if you want a live demo, the first scene of the movie Housefull 3 has it, as I discovered much after my class.

jamali kamali mehrauli archaeological parkThe quality of the picture is good, it’s fun, light and easy to carry and comes with a one-year warranty. Who is it best suited for—people who want to gift instantly and young ones who want to learn how to shoot simply. You can adjust the dial to match the cloudy weather, sunshine or lack of light. And have fun with friends and family when taking selfies. My vote says, gift it to children to keep them in touch with what the print world was like!

Price: Rs 6,499
Available at:

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