Pirates of the Grill: A King’s Feast

Where the day begins at noon and the food keeps coming till midnight.

Pirates of the GrillWords, photos and videos: Ambica Gulati

With long queues and lavish buffet, Pirates of the Grill (DLF Mall of India, Noida) reminds you of times when the king’s army feasted after a victory. The interesting part is the grill in the middle of your table. That’s where the hot coals come in and skewers after skewers of starters keep coming until your ‘tummy surrenders’. The food is complemented with mocktails and ice-smoothies.

We started with paneer, prawn and chicken tikkas. What I recommend is Cilantro Sui Mai, Bhatti da Murgh, Firangi Prawns Tikka and Churrasco Pineapple. Among the many starters on offer, these are a must-not-miss. And downed all with Masala Cola, Pirates Devil. Actually these could be your full meal but there is the lure of many more delectable dishes around you.

Even though the restaurant was jam packed on Sunday night, no one seemed in a hurry to get the tables cleared and make way for more people standing outside. Eat till you can’t walk. And the Chef personally visits all the tables, checking with guests on what they like while the smiling servers just keep moving around non-stop. There’s always a rush yet it moves with discipline. And to make it even better is the live music.

pirates of the grill 1

The main course also does not fall short for there’s a choice of Chinese, Mongolian live platters and lots of Indian dishes. I loved the pakoda kadi with some missi roti and pudina paratha. To end it, we had a sweet, crisp jalebi and a round of live Tepanayaki Ice Cream. But there was halwa, cakes and pastries along with Indian traditional sweets such as gulab jamun, rabri, kulfi.

Why it’s worth going to the Pirates of the Grill? The founders Jasmeet and Inderjeet Banga are innovative and confident—they didn’t mind a reviewer coming in on peak time on a Sunday night and eating with the guests. No special food, just what everyone was eating to know what the restaurant actually offers to one and all. Truly confident of their staff and Chef! And the Chef smiles his way through the labyrinth of food while his kitchen staff works endlessly, catering to the constant stream of diners.

The marinades and spices blend perfectly with the palate of the Indians living in the northern belt. Even though, it’s a lot of food, nothing is heavy and the ambience suits the young and the old alike. The menu during the week is different from the menu on Sunday which has a different lunch and dinner on offer. The décor, the music, the cleanliness and the yum flavours makes this place a must-eat out at the much-talked about DLF Mall of India in Noida.

Average cost of meal for two: Rs 1,200
For reservations contact: +91-120-2595101/02

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