Eating arty food at 52 Janpath, Delhi

When keen on something different, but moulded to the Indian palate, then this restaurant is the place for you

52 janpathWords and photographs: Ambica Gulati

With a discernible influence of Victorian interiors, 52 Janpath offers some delectable cuisine. I didn’t check the entire menu because I was busy looking at the high sofas, a relaxing library corner, firewall, wine cellar, cigar and whisky shelves. This restaurant offers different cuisines such as American, Italian, Thai, European. And the food is freshly cooked with lots of greens and a good size portion. The drinks are equally innovative and one would like to sit around with friends and family here.

52The presentation is good as is the fact that you find a bottle on every table. With the wine culture gaining pace in India, this is among the new initiatives that I see in restaurants.  The restaurant also has an outdoors area where you can smoke or sit around in cooler weather. The choice of cocktails is good. And there are an array of appetizers.

52 janpath 1What I would recommend: Irish Potato Skins, Duo of Chargrilled Chicken, Celtic Caesar salad, Prawns Scotch Eggs, Pizza 52, Tiramisu.

Even though, the coffee sangria came recommended, I thought it was too fruity and the coffee flavour was less. But the ending with a paan shot was a much-needed cleanser, after the huge tasting session.


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