Pizzas, Pastas, Grills at Bella Italia, Holiday Inn IGI, Aerocity, New Delhi

When in a mood to chill amidst colours and luxurious surroundings, head to Bella Italia

bellaWords and photographs: Ambica Gulati

What compels one to sit in Bella Italia is the colour and the feel of being in relaxed surroundings, yet pampered like a king. The décor is as inviting as the smiles of the people serving you. The place is neat and clean and the ride to Italy can be done on the two brand new scooters, one yellow and the other blue. Then there is the gelato cart in the centre which attracts your attention. So, even though Bella Italia is a UK-based chain, the fragrance of Italy cannot be missed either in the food or the décor.

bella 2

So what makes it authentic—I find that difficult to say as I have never been to Italy but I found the food fresh and crisp. The green was the best possible green and some of the ingredients are also sourced from abroad to make it closer to the Italian taste. On the table you will find the seasonings–oregano, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red chilly flakes. There is also the dip with focaccia bread. And there is a separate menu for kids.

Unlike a lot of restaurants, the space between tables is enough to give you privacy to talk and the music is soothing but not loud. There is a bar too for those who want to drink beyond wine and beer.

What I learned: the art of eating a pizza is to fold the slice and eat in small bites like a roti with vegetable in it. By biting into the plain slices, the fillings fall out. The menu has been designed keeping in mind the multiple palates which come through the airport to the Aerocity. So despite being in India, the hotel has ensured that the international flavour is retained.

bella italia

What I liked: Chicken Wings Italia which was something chilly and with good marinades, Fermado dil Capra salad with crumbled goat cheese, Pizza Cotto with smoked speck ham, Pollo which has a wheat-based crust. But you must try the Shot Desserts—I just loved the Strawberry Cheesecake and the Mini Panncotta.

bella 3The portions are good, the Chef shy and focused on the cooking and the ambience pleasant. Bella Italia is not just suited to the traveller but also to the residents who want to enjoy their Sundays in happy places.



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