Sanitise your toilet and enjoy your travels.

P_20160731_194333Words: Ambica Gulati

Nothing new about public toilets being infectious places. Everyone is aware that they are really not the most hygienic of places. As for me, when in a public place, I much prefer the Indian squat-style seating, rather than the comfortable sit-down western kind.

Toilets are one of the most common places for infection, not just in terms of cleanliness, but also it’s a place where the body’s waste matter eliminates. So, while we do find some cleanliness in the good places such as high-end malls, hotels and shopping places, we still can’t be sure. And then this Pee Safe comes in handy.

All you need to do is spray and clean before using the toilet. It smells good, sanitises the seat and kills the lingering germs in the toilet pot. And it makes you feel safe too. The best part is that it’s easy to carry around. The slim spray and the wet wipes pack come in handy all the time, anytime and anywhere.

Actually, much before I received this product for review from, my colleague told me she had brought a sanitiser. So, I guess it may have been a lesson learned the hard way, but it’s a lesson which can be passed on in an easy manner to all.

And Pee Safe is a must-carry in my travel kit now! And you can use it at home too, especially when there are a lot of guests around.

To know exactly what Pee Safe, toilet seat sanitizer spray does:

  • Cleanses, deodorises, sanitises the toilet seat and ensures protection against 99.9% of diseases like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or diarrhea to name a few, that are caused by germs and bacteria commonly found in public restrooms.
  • This sanitiser spray is a rubbed IPA formulation that sanitises the area within five seconds of application.
  • The fragrance deodorises the surrounding areas, thus eliminating foul odour found in most public toilets.

And there are wet wipes too, in case you don’t have the spray handy around.

Available  at and leading pharmacies all across India.