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Empowering the children for a peaceful world: Kazutada Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon India

Strengthening the Japanese philosophy of Kyosei, Canon India has partnered with SOS Children’s Village for #SupportALife

Canon India celebrating Independence Day at SOS Villages India, Greenfields, Faridabad

Living and working together for the common good, such is the thread of Kyosei, the CSR philosophy adopted by the corporates in Japan. And among those who have taken it a step ahead in India is Canon India. Announcing its ‘Support A Life’ campaign, the company opened its partnership with SOS Children’s Village as India celebrates its 70th Independence Day.

Going by the 4Es of its CSR activities—eye care, environment, education and empowerment—this partnership is a welfare driven initiative, said Kazutada Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon India at SOS Children’s Village in Faridabad. “At Canon, we are deeply involved in meaningful initiatives that make people ready for the future. And there is no better way than to invest in our children who are the building blocks of the nation. This partnership with SOS Children’s village has given the Canon family a way to make the world a peaceful and comfortable world for children. Canon has been devoted towards the causes of education, eye care and environment and is now expanding the social trajectory with empowerment of children and youth,” he added.

On choosing SOS, Kobayashi reinstated that SOS helps the children become wholesome individuals and Canon India will be supporting this initiative by giving laptops, computers, vocational and skill development training and more.

Winners being given prizesThe initiative opened with a painting competition on environment and the children were felicitated for their efforts at the village in Faridabad. Anuja Bansal, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages India, shared, “Since the last five decades, our focus is on the holistic development of young lives by providing them the love and care of a mother and siblings. Partnership with like-minded institutes like Canon, encourages us to continue towards our goal with more vigour and commitment.”

SOS villages FaridabadSOS has a unique concept of a cluster of homes with a mother as the owner. Each home has around 8-10 children and a mother who nurtures the home and the children. Normally, the children are between the age groups of 5 and 11. But SOS looks after the children till they are 25 and are capable of looking after themselves. Those who get married or go away even come for family time and stay in the homes. They get to stay in a separate guest room in the home. Some even take the mother with them once they are settled.

It’s not just the company Canon India, but this initiative is also an employee engagement one where the employees give part of their salaries for the betterment of the world and the company adds the same amount. They have adopted 187 children and there is a team to monitor this on a regular basis.

Highlights of Canon India’s new initiative

  • ‘Support a life’ campaign to strengthen CSR commitment in the country.
  • Employee engagement takes a leap from ‘Each one teach one’ to ‘Support a Life’
  • Adds ‘Empowerment’ as the fourth pillar of its CSR outreach. The earlier three Es are Eye Care, Education and Environment.
  • Introduces Vocational and Skill Development training in it adopted villages.

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