A Sunday at Ek Bar, Delhi

It doesn’t disappoint anyone, the Sunday Brunch by Chef Sujan and Chef Pujan is a delight for the palate and pleasure for the senses

ek bar 3
Cocktail redefined: Whisky-based The Royal Indian Punch in a teapot!

Words and photographs: Ambica Gulati

Ek Bar lives up to its reputation of being famed Chef Sujan’s baby! The brainchild of Chef Sujan and managed by his brother Chef Pujan, it is a place to spend some lazy moments. In partnership with restaurateur AD Singh, Ek Bar is where you find the piece de resistance, the perfect ingredients, the quality and the right servings.

Ek Bar
From top left clockwise: even the sausages are made inhouse for this non-veg thali (prawn sausages to die for), tuna chaat, yum moong dal bakhlava and ice cream, paneer wrapped in crispy flaky cover

The brothers are very particular about the sourcing of the ingredients. It is the authenticity which matters to them. They are not looking at a constant stream, but quality loyal customers who appreciate the fine food and drinks that come from Ek Bar. There has been a lot of innovation and the food delights the north Indian palate. Every little thing is made in-house, even the ketchup! For instance, Chef Pujan goes out to buy the fish himself from INA market. And the mango ginger is actually sourced from West Bengal. No compromises on quality is the mantra behind the bar.

ek bar 4
Even as the breeze outside ruffled the leaves of the tree, we dug into Chicken-Liver Pate and downed it with Tea in a Valley

They spend hours perfecting the dish and until satisfied in all ways, which means the way it tastes, it looks and is served, it does not reach a customer’s table. Earlier the restaurant was open only for dinner, but now its open for lunch over the weekends as well. The brunch offers a lavish spread and it’s an art to experience. And there’s a variety of dishes to choose from. Even the drinks are innovative with a lot of emphasis on fresh ingredients being part of the cocktails.

Ek bar 1
Turn the cards and find the cocktail you would like to try

Added to this is the pleasing décor. The menu card is an interesting mix of colours and the theme of cards with the king, queen and ace is a nice experience. All in all, Ek Bar is a great place to chill out with friends and family and is easily accessible, located in Delhi’s plush Defence Colony on the main road.

haji ali mango tart
Piece de resistance: Haji Ali Mango Tart only while the mango season lasts

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