China Kitchen has a new menu: Hyatt Regency Delhi

The famed restaurant changed its menu last in 2014 but this time Executive Chef at Park Hyatt Beijing Aw Yong Khing Leong has changed around 60 per cent of the menu

Words: Ambica Gulati

With ingredients imported from China, the restaurant has an exotic range of dishes with chillies and dumplings. Among the meats are duck and poultry dishes with some good sauces to go with it. With authentic flavours, the style of serving is also very Chinese. The blue bowl-like plates and chopsticks add to the experience. A smile and warm interiors make you feel comfortable.

Among the dishes we tasted, I liked the Poached chicken, spicy sesame sauce, peanuts, crispy garlic, coriander. It was a learning to know that some parts of china favoured nuts and peanuts in their dishes. The Crystal vegetable dumpling, fresh pea, sweet corn, celery, wood ear fungi were another treat. But it was the hot Red chili, coriander shrimp mousse, ginger soy that came as a surprise.

Apparently the twice-cooked crispy lamb shank with garlic, cumin, coriander and chili is a favourite with the Zoravar Kalra and Vir Sanghvi! I liked the light and easy to eat Sichuan fried noodles, vegetable, bell pepper, bean sprout, sesame oil

DELRD The China Kitchen Dessert 1And what I did miss was the signature dessert, Sweet Memories. But then there’s always a next time. Of course, there’s more on the menu that would be worth exploring another time too.

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