Personalised menu, personalised plates, the Nawabi Andaz from the kitchens of Executive Chef Shailendra Singh and Masterchef Mohd Sartaj Qureshi was a grand way to relive the era of the ‘special few’

Words: Ambica Gulati

A special welcome
A special welcome

It is exhilarating to see your name on a plate. The flowery table cloth, the effort taken to craft a menu for just a few and thumri as background music–the spell of ‘Nawabi Andaaz’ was woven from the moment we sat down for this special luncheon at Café Pride.

All things veg

Amidst friendly banter and gossip, we dug into some yummy platters. Even though the Nawabs are famous for eating a lot of meat, this menu was crafted keeping in mind the needs of vegetarians too. And surprisingly the vegetarian offerings turned out to be a better treat for the palate. Another interesting thing was that the Chef had kept a piece of each starter and offered separate plates, instead of getting a full dish and serving everyone the usual way.

The non-veg platter

The food was fresh with properly blended ingredients and cooked to perfection. The Mahi Gilafi Seekh and Rajma ke Galouti kebab were simply melt in the mouth. Other unusual treats included Kele ke Gular, Makai Moti ki Seekh and Mawe Mawe ka Kebab. Probably the Nawabs ate it oily and loaded with calories but the Chef catering to the 21st century had kept all fats to a minimum and in sync with the constant stream of travellers coming to the hotel.

Navrani biryani, Moong ghosht and chicken

For those who like to taste their meat with something different, I would suggest Moong Ghosht. This is made in the lentil which we fondly call ‘green dal’. It is light and adds a different flavour to your meal. And best enjoyed with a naan or a paratha.

Bagiche ki Sabziyan and Paneer Lavanglata are two must try dishes. They are what I call health with taste.

Miniature desserts are the new buzzword
Miniature desserts are the new buzzword

And what you can’t miss out is the miniature dessert which was pure art. This combination included Gulkand aur Cheney kee Jugalbandi, Kesari Gulab kee Phirni, Dhoodhiya Badam Halwa, Elaichi ke Jamun. The lunch wound up Nawabi-style with each of us chewing a paan!

Café Pride is open 24X7 and it offers a buffet lunch and dinner, besides a la carte.