When I got a ride in Goa’s first Vintage Bike and Car rally

Yes, it was chugs and throttles and lots of beer along with waves and bright flowery clothes.

p_20161001_112253Words and photographs: Gulati

Casinos in the water and vintage cars on the road. It was a dream come true, as the wind ruffled through my hair. I was in a little white fiat that has survived and thrived under the hands of Saby D’Souza. He has been renting it out for shootings and other events. And it was in this little treasure I enjoyed a ride from Paryatan Bhavan to Miramar and then back to INOX cinema where it rested till the evening.

With a small roof on the driver and passenger seat, the car was a delight. A sun roof added to the charm as we chugged along the coastal road. Children waved and other cars swerved to give us way. And then there was the ‘old bhopu’ on the roof which D’Souza pressed to ask for way.

We drove along through cheers and waves, crossing two old red beauties which had broken down. D’Souza has had the car since the 1980s and is also in the real estate business. He was among the 83 car and 40 bike participants who belonged to Goa and Mumbai. This was the first ever vintage car and bike festival organised by Goa Tourism and Goa Tourism Development Corporation. The vintage beauties ranged between 1920 to 1970.

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The INOX grounds flooded as we reached the gates. And then an art competition began, even as we gorged on some Goan food complemented with beers and wine. The evening ended with jazz music and awards for Long Distance Travelled Vintage Cars to a 1946 Ford Jeep, 1965 Mercedes Benz, 1965 VFJ Jonga and 1964 Standard Herald. Awards for the Long Distance Travelled Vintage Bike was a 1965 BMW RSO.

Awards for Best Restored Vintage Car went to a 1921 Citroen, Best Restored Vintage Bike to a 1942 Norton 16H, Best Restored Classic Car to a 1961 FIAT 500 D and Best Restored Classic Bike to a 1965 Lambretta LI 150 series. The Best Indian Heritage Car went to a 1964 Standard Herald, Best India Heritage Bike to a 1962 Jawa and awards for Best Show Cars went to a 1968 Volkswagen 1600 L and Best Show Bike to a 1952 Lambretta.

Awards for the Most Unique Car went to a 1941 Ford Artillery Truck, Most Unique Bike to a 1962 Escort Runabout, Most Original Classic Car to a 1959 Morris Mini Manor, Most Original Classic Bike to a 1958 BSA shooting star.

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