Vivo V5 is where the world lies for a travel blogger.


Just when the moon shines, that is the very moment, I want a camera to capture the shine and stars. But most of the times this doesn’t happen, we miss the moment. And then comes Vivo V5, the new smartphone with a moonlight selfie option. Maybe, just maybe I am going to get better pictures for my blog. And for my travel assignments.

Besides the fact that the phone is pretty slim and light weight, it is also available in Crown gold and space grey. Gold is certainly my colour and that’s what is going to jazz up my mood too. Whoever said a thing of beauty is joy forever, probably was talking about these beautiful smartphones!

The phone has an expandable memory up to 120 GB. And this makes it the most-needed thing in my travel bag. Considering the amount of pictures I take and the extensive use of social media that I have for work and personal reasons, this is the one feature which is going to ring happy times for all travel enthusiasts need. And the music storage space helps to keep boredom at bay and solitary times become more peaceful.

The camera is a phenomenal 20MP front and 13 MP rear, giving the much-needed good picture. Which means I could even use for printing purposes, besides the extensive web use. There are moments besides the professional use that need to be kept forever. And these moments are only then, so V5 helps and how it helps.

v5-pic2So moonlight, romantic moments, friendly moments, family moments, selfies, landscapes, portraits, food shots and more…V 5 promises to fulfill my dreams with just a touch. And it looks so beautiful too. I forgot to mention the 3000mAh battery! Maybe, just maybe I won’t need a power bank too when this phone is around. Priced at approx Rs 17, 000, it is a competitive and good buy. And of course, no one has brought me closer to the moonlight selfie, maybe I will take it at the Taj Mahal in Agra. On second thoughts, I could get some really good shots on New Year’s too!