travel opener.jpgIt came, it taught and it went. Saying goodbye to 2016, I remember that it opened my heart to new things, took my feet to new places and taught me to make stronger relationships. Here’s a short picture story of all things I experienced:

Jordan (May 2016)

This was special. It was my second time and I realised beauty lies in all that is red and sandy. The most precious things in life lie in our roots, in what is left behind and Petra, Wadi Rum, Madaba stands testimony to that.

Ludhiana (August 2016)

We stayed at Radisson Blu Ludhiana in one of the best rooms with a tub in it. Unfortunately we were sisters and didn’t use this! But enjoyed this trip down memory lane as we had lived in this wool town 25 years back. The reintroduction included a visit to Sarabha Nagar and seeing a plane turning into a restaurant.

Goa (September 2016)

Invited by Goa Tourism for a vintage car rally, I ended tasting the yum fish burger near Miramar. And also saw some animal breads at a food festival in Sirocco. Goa is relaxed, fun and friendly and the interiors lovely. I also ate shark meat there.shark-meat-goa

Bikaner (October 2016)

The opening of a new hotel was a chance to experience the best of royal hospitality and meet some happy people. Narendra Bhawan was the road t seeing how the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner Narendra Singh lived, besides discovering that the famous Bikanervala of Delhi doesn’t have a single outlet in the city.

Sanganer (November 2016)

Invited by Crowne Plaza Tonk Road Jaipur for its first anniversary celebrations, it was a chance to see the blue pottery made there. But ended up tasting a yum kadi-kachori and kadi-chilli pakora from an honest street vendor.

Kerala (November 2016)

My first trip to God’s Own Country, I loved the canoes, the green world around and the toddy. And it wasn’t easy to find also. Thattekkad is the place to stay to be close to nature.

Northeast (November 2016)

I began to envy the people living here amid nature and constantly breathing in fresh air. The colours of the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya took my breath and words away. Living in grey, smoggy Delhi, rainbows and waterfalls are unusual sights and overwhelming.

I felt guilty eating game meat! But quite enjoyed the local beers, bagchen which is kind of rice beer and ara made of maize which looks like water.

Bharatpur (December 2016)

Here was my last meeting with nature at Keoladeo National Park before the year ended. We met a sleeping owl and a deer and an antelope and lots of small exotic birds. The green parrots in the trees kept flying over us, the kingfisher with a yellow beak was siting ion a branch, the Indian robins scampered at our voices, ducks cackled and peahens ran about.

endAnd the fire to see more is burning brighter for 2017!