After a successful stint with veggies and chicken, the Californian burger chain is celebrating 2017 with mutton burgers


For those who like chargrilled, Carl’s Jr is now offering mutton burgers. They come in four flavours–Korma, Mint, Awesome Onion and Famous Star Mutton Burger. The burgers have been launched after a full year of research and have kept the Indian palate in mind. The burger chain is looking at opening an outlet in Gurugram and then later moving to Mumbai, Chandigarh and more metro-connected highways.

What I feel

While Mint appears to be the more in sync with those who like tikkas, Awesome Onions are for the people who like some masala. Korma has a more mish-mash flavour but the Famous Star is likely to be the star with its appeal for a wider palate range. Of course, all of us know that it’s all about unlimited beer and soft drinks with these burgers at this chain.