Five women and San Francisco

When childhood friends decide to find their secret place to party in, the adventure begins

“Why don’t all of you come to San Francisco?” Reena keeps asking all of us, meaning five school friends, on our What’s App alumni group. “2020,” that’s been our answer. That looks like far too away, but there’s no harm in setting wish list goals. So San Francisco it has to be, sooner or later. And it should be a full blown holiday. Not rushing from home, bags laden with gifts, paying excess baggage, fighting for the taxi. We should do it in style.

Three of us from Delhi—so we begin our ladies holiday with a stay at The Imperial, after searching a plethora of hotels in Delhi. Ohh! This sizzles and thrills. We could lock our suitcases and party all night in this luxurious, heritage hotel in Delhi. That sounds just like a holiday you need at 50! Sex and the city in Delhi and continuing till San Francisco.

Staying at Reena’s place, we would be in the family and there are plans to do stuff with the kids. But there are things five ‘single’ women on a holiday should do without children. For those, Reena might not be the best guide. We should do our naughty research ourselves, asking the young ones might not be that cool.

Yes, we should fly with an airline that offers lots of discounts, that’s our prime criteria. Cathay Pacific is what Reena has suggested many times, for discounts and good service. Golden Gate has been the most seen picture, so that is going to happen for sure. And then there’s Sausalito Ferry. For party times, there’s Pisco Latin Lounge and coffee times at Blue Bottle Coffee, but my heart is set on Local Edition in the downtown area. Must see what downtown looks like in the US. SFJAZZ is another place on our list, for seeing a live jazz performance is a must, old bones might not react well to the feet tapping and gyrating rock and roll.


It’s the painted ladies of San Francisco that are going to make us spend a whole day in that area. The homes look very catchy on the web. Since bicycling is the most common form of traveling around, we are planning to do that too. Fisherman’s Wharf is going to need a day too I guess, or maybe more with many attractions–Pier 39, the Cannery Shopping Centre, Ghirardelli Square, a Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, Wax Museum and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. And who is going to miss traveling in the cable car. The list seems to go on, which means we would need at least 15 days and the time to do our bookings is…well, that needs more planning.

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