What is necessity to one is probably luxury to another, but there are some things which everyone needs while travelling. So what’s your necessity? I can share with you what I feel are necessary for me:

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I like to catch the world in pictures. This is my latest obsession or should I call it passion? I want to keep the memories alive, besides the social sharing. I want the world to see the beauty around and for that I needed a good camera. So, I went around browsing and found something good. But then the catch, I needed a more systematic and leaner amount to pay it off, so more search. Then I chanced upon finomena.com . This is where shopping on EMI is easy. I could have bought the camera through my credit card, but I got better EMI options here. And the important thing, it also gave me options to pay these EMIs through debit card.


Can any of us do without a good phone? No. This device is life. It’s the world in our pocket and it’s our connection to what’s happening when we are busy admiring nature or finding new things. This is what we need 24X7. And if you have a specific phone on your mind and in your heart, try https://finomena.com/mobile-on-emi-without-credit-card. Here, you can get the mobile on EMI.


While some of you may find this cumbersome, I feel we need it. Sometimes work, sometimes you wish to write down your thoughts, sometimes it works as a storage device, sometimes it’s a backup platform. It’s just something you can need anytime, anywhere. I have one with a large screen, but there is another one that I bought. This laptop I got on EMI and it’s got a smaller screen and it’s lighter. Which means it’s just easy to put in my bag and carry it around. Or even just sit under a tree on my treks and begin my story. I have actually done that!


Yes, I love music and I am sure most of you love it too. ipod is easy to carry and sometimes Bluetooth speakers add to the experience. On a recent trip to the northeast, some people had the speakers along with the ipod and the nights became real fun. If you have all the equipment, great. If not, check out some easy EMI options at finomena.com. The site helps you make the best choice from the available choices. For instance, you have chosen a product from Flipkart or Amazon, you can just paste the link in the search box on the site and see what EMIs work for you. So credit or debit card, the site facilitates your shopping.

Mobile Chargers

Connectivity is the key in current times. So the phone has to be charged. Don’t forget the charger.

 First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is probably the most neglected thing in our lives. But it’s the most essential. Imagine a small cut becoming a pain, tiredness not letting your walk around, sudden allergies springing up. You need some medicines such as crocin, dettol, band-aid, cotton, OTC antiseptic creams and a small pair of scissors.

Toiletry bag


It’s best to carry a toothbrush, small toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner along with a small towel. There are companies which do make one for you, or you could simply hop on to a supermarket and get all the small packs.

Perfume/cologne and one set of formals

Even if you are going camping, always, always carry one set of formals. And these should preferably be a set of clothes which don’t need ironing. You never know when the mood to wine and dine or an opera might take you. Perfumes for women and colognes for men give that fragrant feel, they make you feel good and also give that peppy feel.


Keeping the sun under check, so it doesn’t tire you out, sunshades and walking shoes, two things for all explorers and discoverers.

 Walking shoeswalking-shoes

There’s always room for more walk. You have to explore the place and you need to do it any time of the day.

Since your travel bag seems to be geared for all kinds of travel now, happy travelling!

Photo credits: Freepik.com