Skin and hair make you, or maybe break you. So the new range by this French cosmetics company will help bring that healthy shine back

dsc_0049Words and photographs: Ambica Gulati

From Pro Fiber to Mythic Oil, the giant has brought out professional solutions for all kinds of hair. Rahul, the technical trainer, who we met at Lookzotica parlour in West Delhi, showed us the different kind of products. From the extremely damaged to the little ones which need regular care, and how they were to be used. Pro Fiber was needed for the more dry and damaged hair. There was the pink one for rectify, blue one for restore and purple one for reconstruct. And then there was mythic oil with argan, avocado and black cumin oils.

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With a look at the scalp on the computer screen, Rahul informed that Mythic Oil would work better as the hair just needed cleansing and strength. It wasn’t damaged enough to need Pro Fiber. The method was not difficult, just needed about 50 to 60 minutes in all. The Clear Dose was put on the scalp for 10 minutes and then shampooed. Then the mythic oil mask was put on wet hair. It was left for five minutes and then the hair was rinsed. After that before blow drying, a serum was used to protect the hair from the hot air. The end result was a shine and healthy hair. The treatment needs to be repeated monthly.


Available at select salons in Delhi.