Wazwan: Kashimiri Pandit style at Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar, Delhi

All the way from the land of milk and honey, the art of cooking without garlic and onions remains intact in some homes. It also found its way in the coffee shop of Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar

From the home of Rajni Jinsi in Faridabad, the road came to an end at the kitchens of the hotel. This waz, or masterchef, helped with the wan, that is cooking. And the hotel did not fiddle a bit with the recipes. Out came some relishing dishes for all those who ate at the Koshur Saal fest. Creating the right ambience, the hotel introduced diners to the famous Martand or sun temple near Anantnag and products at the entrance. And for those wishing to go deep within, there were the yantras related to Shaivism.

Talking about the cuisine, Jinsi cleared some facts. The Kashmiri pandits do eat non-veg but not a lot. There are vegetarians too and garlic, onions and tomatoes do not find their way in the cuisine. The spices are lighter too. The breads actually taste better with kahwa and the salty sheer chai is what the meal ends with. There were some really unforgettable dishes and we shall have to visit Jinsi in her home for this.

The buffet was extensive, but here’s what we enjoyed:

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