When The Dhaba came to Singh Sahib, Eros Hotel, Delhi


Lassis, tikkas, soups, dals, the truck from Punjab had come to this five-star property for a few days

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Words and photos: Ambica Gulati

For almost a week, Umesh Dalal’s posts kept us hooked to his journey to the highways of Punjab. With each check-in the Director of Food & Beverages along with Executive Chef Nikhil Rastogi and other associates kept moving on the highways on Punjab, more so near Amristar. We watched the photographs of hot parathas, butter naans, spicy tikkas and then they finally brought it to the hotel.

The dhaba had been well replicated in the décor and the welcome drink was a very sophisticated version of tharra—whisky mixed with spices and honey. So Punjab came alive with Bira ka chicken, Lawrence Road ka tikkas and Telephone Exchange ka chaap. The taste of this meal was as close to the original dhaba as possible.

So the coloured truck, with a nazar battu, and the bottles of whisky, live counters and live music, Singh Sahib buzzed for a few days. Nothing like chutneys and tikkas to make the north Indian palate happy. Here’s a slideshow of what the meal was like. And if you missed it, take heart for the hotel has seven more festivals planned for this year and we are all waiting for check-ins to see where the team is headed now.


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