Balance your yin and yang at Empress of China

Yin and yang need to be balanced in not just your daily life, but also in your foods. So know your yin and yang at a healthy dinner at Eros Hotel, Delhi

chef nikhil rastogi
Chef Nikhil Rastogi introduces Yin Yang 

Words & Photographs: Ambica Gulati

Male and female, yin and yang, when the two blend in the right proportions, it’s healthy. And this is what is on offer at the ‘Yin Yang’ festival at Empress of China. Yin or the female energy is soft foods and simpler styles of cooking such as steaming or boiling; yang is the male energy which takes in harder foods and more hot ways of cooking such as frying. Each has its benefits and a good meal includes a healthy balance of the two. So, at the famous restaurant, there are live counters where one can choose the kind of dish they want and how they want it. The chefs are there to help you make your choice and also the clear boards can guide you. This is on till March 23.  Price: Rs 1,500 + taxes per person

What we got a taste of:

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The main course was pan-fried noodles with chinese greens in soya garlic sauce. and the dessert was also dark and white chocolate mousse. It was interesting to know that the restaurant is patronised by some eminent Delhiites such as Daljeet Titus and they always get a table here without reservations and a board with their names is kept on their tables.

For reservations: +91-11-41331653


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