From Kolkata to Delhi

If your taste buds are tickling to taste some authentic cuisine from Kolkata, then you can check out the food festival at the Leela Ambience Delhi Convention Hotel

jhol muri
Jhol Muri and Gondhoraj Ghol

Words: Ambica Gulati

Better known as a MICE destination, the Leela Ambience Delhi Convention Hotel is on the road to becoming the destination for authentic food from different regions of the country. Taking its journey of treating Delhiites to food from the grand trunk road, it has now brought street food from Kolkata. With the dinner-only option, the Grand Trunk Journey Kolkata can be experienced till April 16. This is the last in the row of these journeys, the earlier being Delhi, Amritsar and Benaras.

Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh and his team went tramping across the city of joy and brought back some delectable dishes. They are all cooked in mustard oil, can be eaten with fresh mustard dip and downed with some specially curated cocktails. The ambience is peppy and the buffet has all that you need to make you feel you are in Kolkata. There is the Howrah Bridge, the fan, the rustic look and the paan to end your meal with. Also, the attire of the staff, that’s sure to make you feel you are in Kolkata.

On the menu are jhols, fish of all kinds, mutton and chicken, besides the regular veggies found on the Kolkata table. Enjoy the journey and the meal.

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