High tea, low tea, forever tea! Check what’s on offer at the Tea Lounge of this Delhi-based hotel in April.

2017-04-17_10.43.07Words & Photographs: Ambica & Aparna Gulati

What’s in a cuppa? Something refreshing and something which uplifts anytime, anywhere. Tea has been India’s favourite drink since colonial times. At every corner a tea stall beckons. And offering something delectable for the month of April is Eros’ latest festival ‘Chai di Party’ aka CDP. After all, everything happens over chai and pakoras.

2017-04-17_10.39.26Besides the regular teas, one has a choice of fresh fruit drinks—good for health and easy on calories.

To share what’s on the menu: Ghar ki Chai, Jamun Thanda, Kanji Cha, Adraki Sherbet, Jaljeera, Sambharam and Coffee Batida

2017-04-17_10.41.03 (1)What you can eat with it: Bhujia ki Bhel, Dhokla ni Dhokla, Aloo Matar Samosa, Bun Maske Wala, Jalebi ki Chaat, Roll and Bhajia and CDP snack platter

What we liked: The fact that everything is fresh, Chef Ashish has created a simple snacky menu which pleases most palates. From the lighter bhel to the heavier pakoras of all kinds, including the samosa find their way on to your plate, should you wish it. The presentation is very good and tempting. The traditional style of cooking and modern way of serving is very appealing. The drinks we liked were Adraki Sherbet—just what is needed for the summer months. And, of course, Bhujia ki Bhel was the yummiest. What’s unusual is Jamun Thanda and Jalebi ki Chaat. But don’t let our preferences stop you from trying anything you wish to because your preference can decide what finds its way on the permanent menu.

2017-04-17_10.35.50Timings: 10am- 6pm; On till 30th April 2017; Price: INR 250 each + taxes