The only dream I have had is of a home of my own….that is the thought of a thousand people! While some are lucky enough to have help from friends and family, others do need to turn to the world outside. And among these is a company called Bajaj Finserv.

bajajA friend found just the home he needed, but money was the issue. And so turned to find the aid he needed from Bajaj Finserv. But how he found the company is also an interesting story. Sitting with friends over dinner, Soli learned all about home loans. At that time he had no intentions of buying his own home. But somehow this conversation stuck somewhere in his memory. So when the time came, he just opened his laptop, typed Bajaj and found this company.

Bajaj Finserv is a company worth exploring as it has some good options to offer for those who want a low interest rate for home loan. There are different kinds of loans for people with different income sources. The terms and conditions differ for salaried, self-employed and business owners. Actually not many know that Bajaj Finserv is India’s most diversified NBFC and offers housing loans at a low interest rate of  8.60% on online Home Loan and Balance Transfer from other banks for all salaried customers. This was news for Soli.

And then browsing through, Soli discovered that there is facility for Refinance and Part prepayment. Moreover, the flexi scheme, nil foreclosure charges made it an attractive proposition to take a home loan from here.

And other benefits are Top up loan and Balance Transfer. Along with this, Bajaj Finserv also offers Home Loan +. This was something new and in the process Soli discovered that this for people who are buying a ready to occupy property. This loan takes care of the expenditure on fixtures and fittings as well. An additional benefit with this is that one does need to apply for a separate Personal Loan or Home Improvement Loan. So this could take of more things as well.

And even the process of applying was easy. There is a tool to check your eligibility online and even calculate the EMI. This transparency is what makes Bajaj Finserv a reliable place to approach for a low interest home loan.

And for those who already have a home loan, there is a facility for Home Loan Balance Transfer.

The company believes in a hassle-free process, provided the criterion is met, so there is minimum documentation. There are no hidden charges and along with it one gets the benefit of an additional top loan at attractive rates. There are also customised insurance schemes. The points that appeal to most people are NIL Part Pre-Payment charges, NIL Foreclosure charges and 3 EMI Holiday.

The package is attractive, transparent and there is constant support in making the process easy, as Soli experienced.

Since its all in the transparent web sphere, the company makes an online account for the customer. Since then, Soli knows exactly what the payment schedule is, gets the interest certificate, can track his repayments and more.

And finally, Soli was among the few who managed to move into his own home without much ado in just a matter of months.