placeoforigin.pixAs a journalist, I have travelled quite a bit, met a lot of people and experienced different kinds of cuisine. Then when I am home, I want to experience or taste those dishes again. Sitting in Delhi, I can’t find things to eat which taste unique to a particular place, say Mumbai. While browsing and feeding my inner self, I found this website

So I clicked on the Discover Foods section and saw that it covered all of India. The different parts—east, west, north and south—have been extensively covered and well explained. Within this also, there are different ways of locating what you want. There is By Location, By Taste, By Name. For instance, under By Location from North India come Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh.

brownieThe section which really pulsated for me was By Taste. To give what is in it, Sweets & Confectionary which includes sweets, chocolates, cakes, mithai. Then there are snacks breakfast, spices and herbs. The range is extensive and there are over 400 brands associated with the site. To name some, Elma’s Bakery from Delhi, Overload Brownie from Mumbai, Eggless Roasted Nuts Brownie from Brownie Heaven, Chennai and lots more. I was delighted to find cakes, cookies and brownies from Theobroma which are only available on this site. The sweets section is just filled to the brim, India loving sweet things. I loved the fact that it’s all local and pocket-friendly. The order is not going to dent a hole in your pocket.

cakea065In snacks, I explored ‘Trail Mixes’.  This has some really healthy stuff such as pumpkin seeds, granola, pudina makhane, healthy mixes, sunflower seeds and a huge range of other mixes.

Staples is actually your everyday section with its masalas and pickles, attas, grains, jams and squashes and honey and more. This is something worth looking into for you can get good tasty stuff on daily basis. I read ‘cooking essentials’ and immediately clicked on this, finding ghee, virgin coconut oil, organic natural rock salt and pink salt. It had jaggery powder, which is my favourite thing to eat with roti.

If you are feeling too lazy to explore, just click on the exclusives and pick of the month sections. This will open another world of delightful flavours for you.

The site turned out to be a treasure trove of things I could eat everyday and for pleasing my palate on special occasions. With over 400 brands, 4000 plus things to eat from 64 places of origins, it’s landed in my list of favourites.