Burgers at Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Café

Some things deliver a hard blow, some things are a clarion call, some things make you ponder—this tasting table with burgers and cocktails from across the globe did all this and more

cafeWords & photographs: Ambica Gulati

Well, we expected it to rock, it was Hard Rock Café after all. And it did, but not the way we thought it would. The music rocked, the people rocked, the attitude rocked to make us rock and think. Burgers and beers and cocktails, all are an exciting proposition, though I wouldn’t call it a dinner. However, given that it’s at Hard Rock Café in Delhi and in one of the plushest malls, I would say it’s probably quite cool for some.

Given the fact that I combine my journalistic skills and experience to make a mark in the highly competitive blogging world, competing with enthusiastic young ones who can probably make it to every meal they are invited to, I feel good about making to some freebies (that’s what bloggers are thought to be). Well, well, that’s not my train of thought. But certainly the difference in treatment makes it quite clear that bloggers seem to be good tools for instant publicity only, nothing intense though. Luckily, this one I was allowed to take a plus one. There was company to enjoy my disappointment with.

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The huge burgers were named after different countries for the chef had studied different flavours and put together a global range. Which was credible, of course. Hard Rock Café seems to be high on sale of long island ice teas, mojitos and margaritas and that’s what the festival cocktails were all about with their unique twists and turns. Giving due credit to the hard work put in making this festival a success, I found myself sharing a table of six. There were around eight more bloggers, spotted a senior journo too, on the other table.

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The chef introduced each burger with utmost care, waiting for the cameras to stop clicking, the ‘hungry lot’ elbowing each other to get their best shot. Big, fat, juicy burgers and large glass of different cocktails, we shot them all in their bloom, as full plates and full glasses. And then we got to taste a quarter of each burger and half-a-sip of the cocktail. Yes, the café was worried we might go on a drink and drive spree. I didn’t ask, but I am sure there could have no other reason for inviting people to taste and not let them go with burps and … (I don’t want to name this).

While the non-vegetarians ate everything, the choice went down to only three-quarters for the vegetarians. They didn’t get a full burger. They would not be able to say what to eat or not to eat. As for the cocktails, since one cocktail was divided into shots between 14 people and the last one with Corona beer didn’t even make it to where I was sitting, I would not be able to say which was more beguiling than the other. On the quality front, I would say the food was fresh. There are different kinds of finger chips, all hand-made and tasted good. But we only got to try one variety.

While we were busy trying to figure out if we could ask for more to eat or drink, we were told that we could order one mocktail. Really, does anyone drink mocktail in Hard Rock Café? We glanced and grimaced, but we were freebies, so we did do that, wondering why no one offered us a second round of either the burgers or another half-a-sip of the cocktails. But the restaurant did immediately put pictures of us ‘hungry freeloaders’ and also tagged us. And we wound up this dinner with some good music and group performance by the café staff. We also had a group shot to prove we were there. And we also saw a full table of properly shot festival food and cocktails along with a table full of guests on their Instagram.

hard rock insideThe festival is on for two months, in case you would like to try anything, am sure ‘the guests’ would be given the full-bloom offer!

9 thoughts on “World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Café

  1. Kudos to you for writing this piece and gives loads of encouragement for many others like me to also come forward and straight forward in the future.. thanks


  2. The restrained way you have gone about the article. Magnificent Ambica Ma’am. Some places really have some awesome ideas while doing these tables. You can’t help but laugh 🙂


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