There’s a lot to chai. Some call it refreshment, some addiction and others beverage. For me, its refreshment after a long day’s exploration

ausumWords & photographs: Ambica Gulati

Among my favourite teas, Ausum came to me by chance. It was an offer to review the product but it came at a time when I really needed to relax. The box said it was organic and handmade small batches. The interesting thing was no sweetener and sugar-free. This is what all calorie-conscious people are looking for, including me.

The box I got had three flavours, but the note from the company says it has nine blends in its portfolio. The range comprises loose tea and tisane (fruit infusion) blends. These include green, white and first flush Darjeeling tea blends with herbs, fruit, flowers and spices, and tisanes in a range of flavours. The main feature: the tea can be drunk hot or cold.

The three in the box were Petrichor, After 8 and Hot Mango Mess. It was nice to see the method of making the tea with pictures. Clear and precise.

What I felt about each blend:
after 8After 8 is a fruit infusion with mint and fennel, paired with apple and orange. I would go for it when it’s hot and damp. For these are really cooling flavours and made me feel good. I had it hot, going to try it cold now.

Hot mango messHot Mango Mess is Darjeeling white tea blend with (obviously) mango and an aftertaste of chilli. I liked this hot and had it before going to sleep. It was just the right way to sleep off the stress and the tiredness.

petrichorPetrichor is Darjeeling green tea layered with the licorice and spices. I would prefer this after my breakfast, letting the flavours remain in my mouth for a while. This can help in digestion.

What makes me keep it in my travel bag?
The fact that I can have them cold with normal water, except Petrichor. They are light and easy to carry around, don’t add much weight to my luggage.

ausum cupAvailable at:; across cafes and restaurants across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Pune and Chennai.